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Indoors include MITS meets, Reno Vault Summit, USATF-sanctioned meets occurring before Outdoor season begins, and Indoor Nationals.

Girls Indoor

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
5th5-61.68Madelyn Simons2019
6th6-01.83Madelyn Simons2020
7th6-01.83Chloe Van Noord2020
8th9-32.82Kamie Powell2010
9th10-03.05Sophia Mettes2019
10th11-93.58Sophia Mettes2020
11th12-03.66Nicole Bow, Josie Mettes2018, 2020
12th12-03.66Becca Pilkerton, Nicole Bow2008, 2019

Boys Indoor

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
5th  Not established 
6th  Not established 
7th7-02.13Cole Sheldon, Clark Sheldon2017, 2019
8th11-63.51Cole Sheldon2018
9th12-93.89Cole Sheldon2019
10th14-94.50Cole Sheldon2020
11th14-94.50Noah Gary2013
12th15-94.80Noah Gary, Henry Sheldon2014, 2020



Outdoors includes Spring season dual meets, Invitationals, Outdoor States and the Midwest Meet of Champs.

Girls Outdoor

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
7th8-02.44Caroline Shoopman2012
8th9-52.87Katie Tewksbury2012
9th11-03.35Lindsey Hayter, Nicole Bow2014, 2016
10th12-23.71Josie Mettes2019
11th12-13.68Nicole Bow2018
12th12-73.84Becca Pilkerton2008

Boys Outdoor

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
7th9-62.90Cole Sheldon2017
8th12-33.73Cole Sheldon2018
9th14-04.27Jeremy Horner, Cole Sheldon2008, 2019
10th15-04.57Noah Gary2012
11th15-84.78Noah Gary2013
12th16-4.755.00Noah Gary2013



Summer runs from June – August and includes Outdoor Nationals, World Trials, USATF-sanctioned meets, such as Livonia Churchill, Grand Haven Beach Vault, Barry County Fair Vault, Moon Vault, Dexter Daze, etc.

Girls Summer

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
5th6-01.83Anna Mason, Madelyn Simons2010, 2019
6th7-02.13Bella Larson2018
7th9-02.74Bella Larson2019
8th10-03.05Nicole Ferguson, Nicole Bow2008, 2015
9th11-0.753.37Sophia Mettes2019
10th12-53.78Sophia Mettes2020
11th12-33.73Claire Tewksbury2011
12th12-0.53.67Nicole Bow2019

Boys Summer

GradeHt (ft-in)Ht (m)AthleteYear
5th6-61.98Kaiden Davis2018
6th7-62.29Cole Sheldon2016
7th10-03.05Cole Sheldon2017
8th12-03.66Cole Sheldon2018
9th13-7.754.16Cole Sheldon2019
10th14-9.54.51Henry Sheldon2018
11th16-24.93Henry Sheldon2019
12th16-14.90Henry Sheldon2020

The above records were last updated 26 August 2020.