Dexter athletes, who attended Nationals are listed here, along with the heights they went, the place they finished and the year they went. Outdoor Nationals occur in mid-June in North Carolina. Indoor Nationals occur in late February in New York City.

Outdoor Nationals

Josie Mettes12′-1.25″192021
Sophia Mettes12′-1.25″132021
Noah SchultzNH2021
Cole Sheldon15′-2.5″112021
Cole Sheldon13-7.7522019
Henry Sheldon15-1.592019
Oliver Bishop15-1.5122019
Bella Larson8-7.5172019
Sophie Mettes11-0.7552019
Josie Mettes11-6.5232019
Nicole Bow12-0.5102019
Henry Sheldon14-9.5142018
Oliver Bishop13-9.75302018
Nicole Bow12-2.572018
Maddie Wright11-8.5102018
Nicole Bow11-6.5112017
Maddie Wright11-0.25152017
Dana Tessmer11-11.7532015
Micaela Conter11-5182012
Nicole Ferguson11-592012
Noah Gary14-2.5172012
Jeremy Horner14-3.2572011
Andrew HerringNH 2011
Claire Tewksbury10-5.5192011
Micaela Conter11-5.562011
Nicole Ferguson10-8.2572010
Steve Ferguson15-6.25122010
Becca Pilkerton10-11.5182008
Becca Pilkerton11-5132007

Indoor Nationals

Nicole Bow11-8.582019
Katie Tewksbury11-1162015
Dana Tessmer11-1222015
Noah GaryNH 2014
Jeremy Horner14-8.25142011
Claire Tewksbury11-2.5172011
Micaela Conter10-8.75202011
Steve Ferguson14-2.5202010
Becca Pilkerton11-3192008