Why Join? Joining USATF is necessary to obtain liability insurance. You CAN’T practice at the warehouse until you have joined USATF and completed the paperwork for liability reasons.  Joining or renewing after Nov. 1st  gives you membership through December of the following year.  If you are already a member, renew any time after Nov. 1st.

  1. Click here to join or renew your USATF membership. It’s $20 if 18 and under; $30 for adults. Enter your membership number and password to renew. If joining for the first time, fill in all fields as requested. Use our USATF-Registered Club Number, 0928, where requested. Click all sports codes that apply to you, but make sure to check “Field Events”. Membership category is “athlete” for students. Select membership type; 1 year membership is usual. When finished, click Next at the bottom of the page, and complete the registration process. They will ask for a credit card number, and then you’re nearly “up and running”.
  2. Next, you have to join our “Up and Running” club by completing the paperwork (click here for .docx or .pdf versions). Return the paperwork by the first practice. 
  3. For the Summer of 2021, please see the addition forms, below.